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City of Winnfield

City Inspector

City Inspector

‘The Inspection Division shall be charged with the responsibility of making inspections on:

The plumbing, electrical, building, gas and heating & air aspects of jobs will be inspected, whichever, is applicable. These inspections are made to ensure the public safety and well being of the general public.

If plumbing work exceeds jobs cost of $10,000.00 or more, than plumber must also provide a Louisiana state plumbing license.

Inspections Procedure Policy

It is the responsibility of the owner and/or contractor to see that at minimum the following inspections are called for, and at the time indicated. Further, the owner and/or contractor must insure that the various inspections are made by a representative for the City of Winnfield, Building Inspection Department. Work shall not proceed until each division(building, plumbing, electrical, etc.) has approved the various stages of construction.

Contact Info

Joe A. Bass

City Inspector/Airport

Joe Bass
Airport Supervisor
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